Ketemu Project | A Couple of Young Artists in Bali
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A Couple of Young Artists in Bali

After BatuBelah Art Space, on 20 December, we headed back up Gianyar to meet with two young artists: Ngakan Putu Agus Arta Wijaya, aka NPAAW, and Ayu Fenny, both of whom knew Savitri back in their ISI Denpasar days. So it was almost like a reunion and catch-up session for Savitri who had not been back in quite a long while.

Ngakan’s colourful works, painted using a bamboo brush, are slightly satirical being as they are cultural commentaries on life and society. The rather adorable little man-things he has crowding together in the background of his paintings act sometimes complicit and sometimes almost helpless in the issues that form the central subject of each painting. I wonder if they stand in for the people of Bali, or perhaps for the artist himself.

Next, we popped in Ubud to meet Ayu Fenny in her studio-shop. Since graduation, she has kept on painting, and in fact, is working towards a solo show. This month, Ayu also took part in an exhibition titled She Paints Her Sky together with Vony Dewi, Citra Sasmita and Listya Wahyuni, which takes place at Krishnalila Foundation in Denpasar.

I also had a chance to meet with other young artists. On 25 December, Savitri and I headed down to Seminyak to visit Gede Jaya Putra whose video works I really enjoy. The next day, 26 December, we went to Citra Sasmita’s studio. I had been introduced to Citra in the very beginning of my residency and it was nice to finally find the time to simply sit down and have a un-rushed conversation about her works. And on 27 December, the night before I left for Yogyakarta, Nyoman Handy squeezed some time to come by Ketemu Project Space to speak to Savitri and I over coffee. Despite it being some fairly intense last fews days in Bali, I am glad I was give the chance to meet all of them.