Ketemu Project | Ketemu Aja! Curator, Nakao Tomomichi
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Ketemu Aja! Curator, Nakao Tomomichi

Our first guest in Ketemu Space is Nakao Tomomichi. Tomo is a curator at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. As the Planning Director of the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival, he visited Indonesia to present an exhibition titled “Cryptobiosis – Seeds of the World” at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space in Bandung. In this exhibition, 10 artworks from Asian Artists who won the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival are featured. The arts festival honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media. For this exhibition Tomo focuses on art works that combines art and various methods of technology. The works attempt to resurrect through some method something that has been buried somewhere in our world, with their existence and value long forgotten.

01_Nakao Tomoichi

During his visit to Bali, Tomo visited Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA Museum), Neka Art Museum and Puri Lukisan Museum. He also went to visit the studios of contemporary Balinese artists Wayan Upadana and Made Bayak.

02_Nakao Tomoichi

For a tea-time sharing session at Ketemu Space, Tomo shared about his career as a curator, the contemporary art scene in Japan and details on the exhibition in Bandung. Together with a community of Balinese creatives, ideas on art, communication, culture and technology were exchanged.

04_Nakao Tomoichi

05_Nakao Tomoichi

06_Nakao Tomoichi

07_Nakao Tomoichi

08_Nakao Tomoichi

09_Nakao Tomoichi