Ketemu Project | Into Local Balinese Craft Spaces: CushCush and Pak Made Pottery Studio
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Into Local Balinese Craft Spaces: CushCush and Pak Made Pottery Studio

The morning after Ketemu AJA!, the team woke up bright and early to make our way down to CushCush’s workshop space to catch Jindee and Suriawati in their element before they headed out of the country (for another one of their design festivals possibly?). We were particularly taken by private collection of curiosities that the husband-and-wife team had amassed. One could not help but be awe-struck by their committment to forms and materials through the objects they keep. Ranging from cultural antiques, everyday items such as straw baskets to found objects such as shells of sea urchins, we had a lot of fun uncovering and discussing their trove of objects!

Upon concluding our morning of delightful conversation with the Chua Family at CushCush, the Ketemu team headed back to the project space. We were thrilled to receive Kanade Yagi, a fellow artist who was visiting Bali after a trip in Jogja where she was learning Javanese dance. She had recently concluded a residency at 98B (Manila) and was previously an artist-in-residence at Papermoon Theatre (Jogja)!

With lunch in our stomach, all of us headed to Pak Made’s ceramics studio, which is a short jaunt from Ubud, to find out more about his craft!