Ketemu Project | The Creability Movement
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“Schizofriends Art Movement ” is an art initiative dedicated to realizing the capacity of each person living with schizophrenia to be an active and creative being.
Established by Ketemu’s artist, Budi Agung Kuswara, this initiative harnesses both open-ended tasks and designed experiences as a form of collective empowerment, that is both critical and therapeutic. The movement has first begun as a collaboration between Kabul and psychiatrist Dr. Gst Rai Putra Wiguna sp.KJ.  The program’s activities include group art expression activities, skills development for people living with schizophrenia and psycho-social education for the public.
This program is the forerunner in Indonesia for psycho-social rehabilitation through art.



Two Balinese artists, from distinct backgrounds, come together to create for a cause. They will like to champion for the mental wellness of the local communities of Bali.

Their miniature paintings evoke Bali as a cultural destination in a playful yet delicate way. They picture traditional Balinese life in fantastic situations.





The Artists


Kabul was born in Bali in 1982. He had graduated in a Bachelor in Fine Art from Indonesia Institute of the Art, in Yogyakarta. Kabul has presented works internationally, at the Asian Triennial in Manchester and at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Together with Mintio, Kabul founded Ketemu Project, in 2011. The both of them co-create social engagement projects with the aim of generating innovative solutions for social challenges.

Kabul has been suffering from psychosomatic disorder. Through the course of his treatment, he and his psychiatrist Dr Rai had worked together to improve the lives of people with mental illness in Bali through the programs of the “Schizofriends Art Movement”.


Loster was born in 1981 from the village of Kelusa Payangan in Bali. Surrounded by painters of the traditional “keliki” style, Loster being painting since the age of 10. The “keliki” style is distinct for the delicate details with deep tones on a miniature scale. Loster paints recurringly images of deities like Saraswati and Ganesha from the Balinese Hindhu pantheon.


For seven years, Loster lives with paranoid schizophrenia, stabilized by psychiatric medicine. During relapses, he would suffer from disorganized thoughts and speech. The condition affects his day to day life and social circle, but his determination to create his artworks persists.


When asked what his childhood nickname “Loster” means, he replied – “It is something that helps air ventilation.”