Ketemu Project | Ke Tonyraka Art Gallery dan Rumah Topeng & Wayang
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Ke Tonyraka Art Gallery dan Rumah Topeng & Wayang

On 30 November, having arrived just four days before, I was tramping around Ubud with Ajeng, the lovely volunteer at Ketemu. We went to Tonyraka Art Gallery to see the Violent Bali exhibition which featured over 60 Bali-based artists. It was a refreshing encounter especially after having gone to Museum Puri Lukisan the day before. The premise of the exhibition was simple and straightforward, but allowed for a wealth of interpretations by the artists who spanned across different generations.

We hopped over to Rumah Topeng & Wayang right after and that was completely delightful. There were masks, puppets and shadow puppets. Some of the costumes on the puppets had such delicate beadings and were draped in beautiful batik cloths. Some of the masks themselves were rather uncanny with their unchanging expressions, especially one named Mimpi which reminded me a little bit of the death mask.

Photographs by Ajeng Anggrahita