Ketemu Project | Ketemu Makan! Alecia Neo & Filippo Fabricca of Love Difference
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Ketemu Makan! Alecia Neo & Filippo Fabricca of Love Difference

As a treat for our artists in residents, Alecia Neo & Filippo Fabricca, Ketemu prepared a very special dinner for them. Alecia and Filippo got to invite 8 individuals that they will like to meet from Bali or who are in Bali during their stay for a dinner at Ketemu’s space. That evening, we were graced by Mangku, Alecia & Filippo’s guide on Mount Batur and his younger cousin. Pak Mustika, a spiritual healer and a practicing doctor had also joined us.


Putu Pande Setiawan, the founder of Anak Alam had also screened the film “Besok Saya Tidak Masuk Sekolah!” by I Putu Oka Sudarsana.



The lovely Indonesian buffet spread was prepared by Ibu Kus, Ketemu’s personal chef.