Ketemu Project | December Issue
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2018 has been an action-packed year for the Ketemu team.
We will like to celebrate our wins and extend our gratitude to our partners and friends for braving with us on this journey.

Ketemu Project Team at the opening of Art.Bali with Eko Nugroho’s artwork installation

Ketemu Project has come a long way as a visual art collective dedicated to producing dynamic art experiences for positive social change. For the past two years, we have been deeply committed in driving an inclusive creative economy for people of different abilities. We have also been working tirelessly in pioneering a social enterprise model within our organization to ensure that our creative and social programs deliver the impact that is effective and sustainable. 

For the past three years, our commitment to the advocating mental health issues with art has been intense and fruitful. We were at the Festival Bebas Batas 2018, held at Indonesia National Gallery in Jakarta, represented by Saka Rosanta, a participating artist of Ketemu’s Schizofriends Art Movement. Rosanta presented his painting titled “Cute Dog” at the exhibition, one of the pioneering initiatives in Indonesia to celebrate the works of people with disabilities.

Apart from the regular art for well-being programs that we have been providing for our beneficiaries, Ketemu has also piloted creative public intervention programs for members of the public to co-create with difabled community participants on World Mental Health Day and at the Festival Tepi Sawah.

We have been developing workshops for the community as part our Ketemu’s creative practice. This year we had the honor to invite Patricia Thebez, Grasyntha C. Mellanie and Mary Bernadette Lee as part of our Artist in Residence Program to co-design with us art for wellbeing programs for our beneficiaries at Rumah Berdaya – a pilot creative space for psycho-social rehabilitation, co-founded by Ketemu Project with KPSI (Community for the Care of People with Schizophrenia) and the Government of Denpasar.

We have also made exciting new partnerships with Elami and Co. to provide workshops for The Creative Refresh Bali and at The Social Space Singapore. You will be delighted to find our signature “Ear Cups” for sale at The Social Space, supporting our cause of ending the stigma against persons with mental illness.

Stay tune with us in 2019 to look out for more exciting Artist in Residence programs and art education workshops.

From the partnership that brought to you Ketemu’s hallmark project “The Wax on Our Fingers”, Mintio and Kabul jointly created “Arus Berlabuh Kita – The Current/s We Call Home”, a site-specific installation presented at the Asian Civilisations Museum Singapore from August 18th 2018 until December 2nd 2018. This evocative installation tells the story about an imaginary seafaring adventure by children from transnational families. The artwork explores the seas that shapes the children histories, identities and collective futures.

This year’s Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) 2018 brought for us a whirlwind of excitement: Ketemu’s Founding Artist, Kabul, created the festival’s artwork and launched his solo exhibition Anonymous Ancestors hosted by Casa Luna Ubud. Re-contextualizing Balinese subjects from photographic archives, the nameless faces in his works reflects the absence of personal identity through the lens of photographers from the colonial era. Want to find out the artworks of Kabul’s artworks are up for collection? Get in touch with us for more details.

Crossing over into the new year is another exhibition of Kabul’s works presented by CushCush Gallery titled “The Garden” at The American Club Singapore, from November 7th 2018 – January 7th 2019. Using his signature technique – cyanotype printing; Kabul harvests materials from the natural environment of Bali to create imprints for his artworks.

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