Ketemu Project | January Issue
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We’ve started our year with an exciting journey! Here are a few sneak peak of what’s happening on January with Ketemu Team!




We have moved our office! Along with all the member of Rumah Berdaya, we established our new basecamp at Jalan Raya Sesetan no. 280.

Mrs. Ida Ayu Selly Fajarini Mantra, the wife of Denpasar’s Mayor came to grace the opening of our new office. She had a tour around led by both of Rumah Berdaya’s founder, Mr. Budi Agung Kuswara and Dr I Gusti Rai Putra Wiguna, starting from the production room to our exhibition space. Our friends from Rumah Berdaya got to show off their talents too!





Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul) presented two of his artworks from Anonymous Ancestors, Time After Time and Balinese Baroque at the exhibition “Celebration of the Future” organized by Art Bali. On the opening night, Kabul presented his speech on behalf of 47 exhibited artists. He talked about how contemporary art in Bali is emerging and starting to being seen on global scale. The exhibition starts from 15th December 2018 to 15th January 2019. To see more of Kabul’s works download the catalog in the link below



Download Catalog



We launched another flagship project titled Ketemu Tumpek “The Sweethearts of the Earth”, supported by PiNA and Julie’s Bicycle as part of the Creative Climate Leadership Program. This
project is a creative intervention in line with the celebration of Tumpek Uduh.

Every six months in the Balinese calendar, “Tumpek Uduh” is a day for the Balinese people to show gratitude towards the trees and natural vegetation as a source of support for human life. On this day, offerings are made for the trees. People will talk to the trees, in order to renew a connection with them. This celebration is a reminder for humans to express gratitude so as to establish a positive relationship with nature.




Art serves as a catalyst to convey the traditional values and will take on a role in bridging the gap between ancient philosophy and the understanding of the current generation. This project aims to preserve traditional knowledge and its awareness; to encourage people to see and not forget where they were rooted.





We are so excited to be selected as one of the 21 projects to be implemented with funding from the YSEALI Seeds for the Future Program! Reza and Dewi represent Ketemu Project to showcase the project “The Creability Movement” where we embrace the diversity of creative talent regardless of their ability. Support us to achieve our goal to create a diffable friendly partnership to gain inclusive creative economy!