Ketemu Project | MARCH Newsletter
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MARCHing Towards Gerakan Kreabilitas

Pardon the pun, but our fun team has brought our March to be an inspiring one for you!

Ketemu Project has been awarded the British Council’s Developing Inclusive Economy (DICE) Programme Grant. We will be conducting a pilot incubator program titled “Gerakan Kreabilitas”!
This is a collaborative movement that will be addressing the unemployment and poor-quality of employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Indonesia.
In partnership with The Arts Development Company from Dorset-UK, we will raise awareness, stimulate discussion, effect a change in perceptions, and prove the value of people with disabilities in the economy.
Follow this link for more information:


Join us to participate in a movement to platform diverse and inclusive practices in contemporary art of Southeast Asia! Ketemu Project & CoCreation Workshop are seeking a curator to develop an exhibition and online platform featuring artistic collaborations of disabled artists and artists working with disabled communities. Check out the requirements and FAQ here!

Ketemu Jalan Jalan has been part of our team culture to reach out to other social organizations and see in what ways art can impact their communities. We visited 2 organization for Ketemu Jalan Jalan this month, Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati and PSBN Mahatmiya.
We are astonished with their formidable works to enhance the quality of lives for people with diffabilities, that aligns with Gerakan Kreabilitas project! 

Yayasan Bhakti Senang Hati located at Desa Siangan – Gianyar Regency, the organization works for social prosperity and give social service to people with diffabilities in Bali.

PSBN Mahatmiya, an advanced social rehabilitation for visually impaired located at Tabanan regency. Their programs are entrepreneurial and vocational skill training for their member. There are massaging class, cooking class, and barista training! We enjoyed their coffee where the beans are roasted and ground by themselves. They also provide the accessibility for visually impaired and dorm for 45 members total.

A visit to Rumah Berdaya from participants of Active Citizens International Study Visit (AC ISV) conducted by British Council. We had a sharing session with eight participants on our art programs and how it has benefited the members of Rumah Berdaya. They also shared about their project in their respective home countries.
Pak Nyoman and Saka Rosanta also shared their stories about how they have coped with schizophrenia through painting and writing.

It was fun and inspiring to talk about the social impact programs and their stories to build resilient communities. Big thanks to the Rumah Sanur team for organizing the visit.