Ketemu Project | May Newsletter
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Call for Residential Design Thinking Workshop Volunteers

    Are you a youth BASED IN BALI? Willing to join in a movement to create an inclusive environment for the creative economy? Join us as a volunteer for Gerakan Kreabilitas: Residential Design Thinking!

Get a chance to work and learn together with the professionals in working with difabilities. And also deepening the experience in working with difabilities in hospitality level.

Check out the eligibility here and we will see you in June!
Deadline: Wednesday, 12th June 2019 at 11:59PM (GMT+8)

Ketemu Aja! made a comeback! We held discussion together with participants of Open Call along with Mrs. Mahomeda Arifin as the Managing Director of Annika Linden Centre.

Brief information about the creation of Gerakan Kreabilitas by Budi Agung Kuswara and also his practice on putting community together on his project giving the participants insights on the creative process within the collaboration. Mrs. Mahomeda Arifin shared her experience in working with NGO and community of people with difability in Indonesia, especially Bali.

We reflect that we still have a long way to go to achieve an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, especially in providing accessibility for them. At the end of Ketemu Aja!, Mr. Nyoman Sudiasa told his story as a person living with Schizophrenia and shared his expectation for applying for Gerakan Kreabilitas as a participant.

“People with disabilities have such unique perspectives, that I often find solutions in it” – this quote was a nugget of wisdom that we had received from Dr Esther Joosa, in an intellectually-nourishing morning to start the mentorship program with mentee & Curator in Residence, Tulika Ahuja. Dr Joosa’s mentoring will support and substantiating Tulika journey as Curator in “The Creability Movement”, as she works with artists across Southeast Asia, to promote disability-inclusive practices in art.

Dr Joosa is the founder/director of Arts of the Earth Learning Hub, a small visionary creative arts education consultancy based in Singapore. Originally from The Netherlands, she lives and works as an arts education practitioner, curator, researcher and advocate in Singapore since 1988. Her visions are grounded in humanitarian philosophical engagement about the value of the arts and aesthetics in the introduction of cultural symbolism and as a way to reduce barriers in outreach.

This mentorship program is initiated by Ketemu Project & CoCreation Workshop as part of the “The Creability Movement”, supported by the YSEALI Seed for the Future program by the US Embassy to ASEAN.

It was an amazing experience to be part of the Developing Inclusive & Creative Economy (DICE) Global Week, a program by British Council on the 20 – 22 May 2019 in London. Together with our partner The Arts Development Company, we got to meet the collaborators from 29 other projects that has been selected from 5 countries (Indonesia, Egypt, South Africa, Brazil & Pakistan), DICE Researcher, Critical Friends & DICE Young Storymakers.

Last day was an intensive and fun group discussions on exploring themes and experiences of DICE. The discussion was divided into 2 sessions, Human Library Part One and Part Two. In each session, participants were divided into 12 groups with different topics for deeper discussion and brainstorming. At the end of the day each group leader shares the discussion summary and ended the program with a group photoshoot

  ‘Ketemu representatives goes to UK!’ is part of the Gerakan Kreabilitas Project in delivering toolkit for equal opportunities and best practices workforce for friends with disabilities in Indonesia. Hosted by The Arts Development Company, we spend 10 days to go to different creative charity, art organizations, public spaces and concept stores around Dorset and London, UK. The aim of this trip is to see the public accessibility, company HR systems, working environment, creative tools, and activities for the disabled and also references of product design, quality, and trends in the UK market. From those references, we would like to take it as a learning point and foresee how it can be applied in Indonesian creative social enterprises.

We are amazed to experience how welcoming people are in sharing their stories, experiences, methods, challenges, and understanding about working in an environment of people with different abilities. Some places that we visited are The Walled Gardens, Walford Mill Craft, Westfield Art College, Holton Lee, LUSH Factory, Outside In, Intoart and Julie’s Bicycle. We also got the chance to watch and participate in the rehearsal session of Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Extraordinary Bodies Young Artist, a theater company by Diverse City.

One of the most important lessons that we learned was how beautiful it is to appreciate differences in any level. By appreciating it, we will try to understand, not judging, and giving more space to spark new possibilities. Looking forward to sharing more detail learnings through our tool kit!