Ketemu Project | Art & Environmental Education Initiative with Guandu Nature Park
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Art & Environmental Education Initiative with Guandu Nature Park

In 2016, Ketemu artists Kabul & Mintio participated in a environmental education initiative through art, organised by Bamboo Curtain Studio and Guandu Nature Park. The artists worked with biologist, Sandra Hsu of Guandu Nature Park to research about the perspective of the local residents on the environment of their neighbourhood.
This video clip documents the activities of the students from FuAn Elementary School, participating in this initiative together with the adult residents through the Shezi Aesthetics Association.

主辦單位Organizer 社團法人台北市野鳥學會關渡自然公園管理處Guandu Nature Park
贊助單位Sponsor 臺北市動物保護處Taipei City Animal Protection
合作夥伴Co-Organized 竹圍工作室 Bamboo Curtain Studio 臺北市富安國民小學 FuAn Elementary School