Ketemu Project | Imhathai Suwatthanasilp
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Merayakan Murni - Artworks

Imhathai Suwatthanasilp

Born 1981, Chaiyaphum, Thailand

Lives and works in Thailand



  1. 39 Dialogues, 2016

110 x 80 cm, Mix media on canvas (human   hair, acrylic, graphite)

2 & 3. Kendi Pottery, 2016

60 cm x 60 cm, Mix media on canvas (human hair, acrylic, graphite)

  1. Murni’s Temple, 2016, Mix media (human hair, thread, wood, glue)
  1. Sleeping Murni, 2016, Mix media (human hair, thread, stones, glue)

Imhathai sees human hair as a material that interweaves contemporary art and human daily life. With a bundle of Murni’s hair was found at her house in BTN Lokaserana, in her residency with Ketemu Project Space, Imhathai chose to create artworks with it, as if it is an indirect collaboration.


What’s felt by Imhathai are “hope, pain and believe” in creating these artworks, with its shapes were inspired by the shapes of Murni’s artworks and kendi (water vessel) usually used for holy water.