Ketemu Project | Nature-Ceramic Symbiosis
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    Craft, Destination Workshops: Bali, Natural Materials

    Play with the possibility of discovering new forms inspired by nature in this ceramic workshop by Bali’s master potter Made Artha. With this workshop held at the quaint ceramic studio surrounded by lush tropical flora and fauna, Made will take participants into nature to look at textures and forms that can illuminate ceramic making. Students will get to experiment with hand crafting their own ceramic creations and understand basic techniques in sculpting.


    In the follow-up session, the ceramic pieces created by the students will be taken a step further into the world of glaze and coloring. Enjoy finding new ways in applying paint to three dimensional form through various unique tools provided by the workshop. Aside from taking home the technical knowledge of realizing ceramic pieces, students will also receive 3 pieces of their completed creations.

    Level of difficulty

    Basic – Intermediate

    *Can be adapted for different age groups and abilities

    Suitable for Ages

    All ages


    3 hours

    Recommended workshop size

    > 10 particpants

    <16 particpants

    Fosters the development and use of

    Hand to eye coordination

    Appreciation for nature