Ketemu Project | Windmill with Palm Leaves
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DIK Workshops, Natural Materials, Workshops

One of the most wonderful thing about the Balinese culture is the ingenious way the Balinese can use natural materials to make beautiful objects. Ketemu harnesses this valuable skill the Balinese possess in this very workshop. This windmill making workshop is like no-other. It uses “ental” dried palm leaves with a papery texture. There are dozens of things that the Balinese use this leaf for. One of the most noted use is in the “lontar” manuscripts where sacred Hindhu scripture and images are being encrypted onto these leaves and bound together.

We thought this material would be perfect for our windmill workshop with the students as it is a reminder of traditional wisdom and the passing of knowledge. Folded into the form of the windmill, the children get to inject an element of play into transforming this material.

Participants will take home…

1 beautiful Windmill!

Level of difficulty

Easy – Advanced

*Can be adapted for different age groups and abilities

Suitable for Ages

> 3 years old


1 hour

Recommended workshop size

> 10 particpants

<40 particpants

Price per participant

SGD 18

IDR 150,000

Fosters the development and use of

Fine motor skills

Environmentally friendly materials

An appreciation for a native culture