Ketemu Project | Our Lake of Imagination
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Lake Batur rests at the foot of  Mount Batur, one of Bali’s active volcanoes.It is the largest crater lake in Bali and it fills the south-eastern side of the Batur-caldera. In the shape of a crescent moon, half circling the mountain, Lake Batur is peaceful and misty. Dotting the outlines of the lake are ancient villages of the oldest present inhabitants of Bali.
Just as Mount Agung is revered by the Bersakih temple as Bali’s tallest mountain, Batur is revered by its own temple, Pura Ulun Danu Batur, as Bali’s largest lake. Pura Batur is considered Bali’s second-most important temple, after Besakih.
Today, Lake Batur is threatened by the infestation of water hyacinth, propagated by the use of chemical fertilizers from the farms surrounding the lake. The lake is littered with plastic packaging of pesticides and fertilizers from the farms. What once was a pristine lake where children could swim now polluted.


The windmills are created from dried ental leaves, a special kind of palm leaf used by the Balinese to create the lontar. The lontar are traditional manuscripts imparting knowledge of the various aspects of life. Here the children decorate and construct windmills from the ental leaves, infusing a playful element to a material symbolic of wisdom.


Nestled within the shell of the sphere is a zoetrope featuring the portraits of the children. Painted on their faces is a frame of an animation depicting the natural cycle of the lake. View the behind-the-scenes of the portrait sessions here.

Water hyacinth Weavings

The children, together with the youth community, Waka-waka of Songan harvested the water hyacinth from Lake Batur. The material was dried and used as weaving material for the shell of the sphere. Written on the weavings are the children’s hopes for their future and for the lake.

Farmer’s Bike

In celebration of the ordinary yet extraordinary lives of the farmers and their families in Songan and Indonesia, a bike typically used by farming communities is being used to activate the zoetrope. This interactive element powers the spinning mechanism of the installation and brings a live the animation within.