Ketemu Project | Residency
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Ketemu invites artists,

researchers and creatives

from around the world to spark new meetings and encounters in Bali at our Residency Program. Ketemu facilitates residents to get right in touch with communities, materials and knowledge unique to Bali. As a platform for innovation and research in art and culture, our residency program aims to create new networks and opportunity for collaboration between the local and international talents. Residents will have an opportunity present their creation or findings in at least one public event, typically Ketemu Aja!

Upcoming Resident

Shu-Lun Wu

Artist, Taiwan

Residency dates: 24 April – 10 May 2018

SHU-LUN WU is an artist and also the director and funder of Taitung Dawn Artist Village. She is focused on the relationship of Austronesian culture between Taiwan and other country. She has strong interests especially in the Taiwan Indigenous Arts, local culture, history, environments, and social issues. She was a curator of 2015 Living Art Festival, East Coast Area, 2015 to 2016 TECLand Art Festival organizer team, and 2017 TECLand Arts Festival Adam director. Shu-lun art practice is in ceramic and glass artworks.

Past Residents

More Residents