Ketemu Project | Filippo Fabbrica of Love Difference
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Filippo Fabbrica

Love Difference is a cultural association established in June 2002 founded by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto together with international institutions, cultural centres, researchers, curators and artists, and was intented an extension of the activities and vision of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto. Love Difference’s aim is to develop creative projects in order to stimulate dialogue between people of the Mediterranean Basin belonging to different cultural, political or religious backgrounds, and to build a strong network among individuals who wish to confront each others and solve social issues through art and creativity.

Since 2004 Emanuela Baldi and Filippo Fabbrica coordinate Love Difference works on: workshops on shared collective processes; “making together” actions in collaboration with artists; networking and expertise on group dynamics for public and private sectors; artistic projects for dialogue among cultures; food events; conventions, meetings, seminars, concerts, performances, exhibitions.

The association Love Difference takes part and diffuses shared collective processes and good practices meant for giving value to the creativity of individuals and groups, it aims at the development of well-being through artistic workshops of interdisciplinary and parcipated planning.

The Love Difference initiatives have a creative, interdisciplinary approach. They are innovative, transparent, sustainable and participatory.

The association constantly works in several Italian cities; it has experience in European and Mediterranean projects. And then beyond Europe and Mediterranean area it operated in Colombia, South Korea, United States of America.

Love Difference won an Evens Prize for Intercultural Education 2005-06.

Filippo’s Ketemu Experiences