Ketemu Project | ila
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Artist, Singapore

Residency dates: 14 – 28 July 2016

ILA is a visual performance artist in practice and works primarily with overhead projectors and analogue elements to create organic narratives within performative structures. She has been collaborating and incorporating sound and movement extensively into her practice. She expands the environments within her organic narratives through her body and voice.


ila works very intuitively, and having looked through Murni’s works and articles online, she felt instinctively that performance was how she’d like to respond to Murni.  For Merayakan Murni, Ila questioning: What does it mean to be a woman artist?  What is my position? What are my responsibilities? What are my privileges? What are my limitations? She highlited on three themes, body – shame – pain, and telling this through her performances: Ruang – Rahim – and Sedikit Sedikit Jadi Bukit.