Ketemu Project | Calling for Indonesia-Singapore Transnational Families
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Calling for Indonesia-Singapore Transnational Families

The Occasion

RISING50 is an initiative to commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations between Singapore and Indonesia. To cap off RISING50 celebrations of bilateral ties between Indonesia and Singapore, a public art installation produced through a collaborative effort between one Singaporean and one Indonesian artist will be exhibited. Ketemu Project is proud to be supporting Singaporean artist Mintio (Samantha Tio) & Kabul (Budi Agung Kuswara) to be the artists for this installation. This artwork is commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth.


This installation will be presented at Asian Civilisation Museum from 29th June 2018 to 28th October 2018 (end date to be confirmed)

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The Artwork

“Merajut Serat Arus / Weaving Currents” is collaborative work by Mintio & Kabul working together with the participation Singaporean-Indonesian transnational families. Inspired by melody of “Dayung Sampan”, a tune popular in the two countries, the work imagines a voyage across the sea captained by children of both the nationalities.


Traditional sails or “layar” is motif that creates this mis en scene of this seafaring adventure. As an installation, the sails interweave through space by currents or the movement of water. Pictured on the sails, crafted with a mixture of medias, are images of children as commanders of this fantastical voyage. They travel metaphorically between time and space, as a future-bound reflection of the histories represented in the collections of the Asian Civilization Museum.


Maritime elements in this installation celebrates the histories in the bilateral relationship of Indonesia and Singapore, acknowledging the sea as a body of water that has historically mediated trade and the exchange of ideas. The artwork also conveys aspirations for the future – the tapestry of the sail reflecting a the robust social fabric of the two multi-ethnic nations and the children journey together, embarking on a journey that cultivates a shared future.

Do you belong to a family with children who share Singapore & Indonesia trans-national experiences?

We will like to collaborate with you!

Your Families’ Participation

Join us in an one-hour photo and story-sharing session in
Singapore or Indonesia
Photo-session with the Kids

Your children will be photographed playing dress-up as sea adventurers in this collaborations. We have costumes specially designed by an Indonesian designer and there will be a prop boat at the photoshoot. One photograph per family will be printed on a sail, displayed as an installation at the exhibition.

Voice-recording with parents/guardian

Your stories matter to us. Part of the artwork is a sound installation created by a Singaporean sound artist, featuring your stories of living between Singapore and Indonesia as a voice recording. We will like to hear what it has been like for you coming from Singapore or Indonesia and raising a family.

Venue Singapore Art Museum
Dates 12th (Sat) & 13th (Sun) May 2018
Time 11am - 6pm
Venue Ketemu Project Space
Dates 28th (Sat) & 29th (Sun) April 2018
Time 11am - 6pm

Frequently asked questions

How is the collaboration going to take place? What is the commitment like?

You and your family will be invited to come down for a one hour photography session happening in Singapore or Indonesia.

Mintio will be creating the images of the artwork by photographing the children. The artists will be interviewing the parents taking a voice recording as they tell their stories of their lives between Singapore & Indonesia – some general questions will be “How did both of you meet?”, “What is it like to living in Singapore/Indonesia?”.  This voice recording will be part of a sound installation produced by a sound artist. Participants will have the final say of which image is being used for the artwork and will get to listen to the voice recording before the exhibition.

What do you mean by trans-national families (with children) living between Indonesia & Singapore ?
  • If both parents are of the two nationalities of Indonesia & Singapore (one parent is a Singaporean & another parent is Indonesian)
  • Both parents are of the same nationality but are living or have lived in either of the countries (eg parents are both Indonesian and have lived or are living in Singapore / parents are both Singaporeans and have lived or are living in Indonesia)
  • Children have extended families in both Singapore and Indonesia (eg, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins living in Singapore or Indonesia)
  • Families in civil marriages, partners that are co-parenting or single parents (that fit either of the profiles stated above) are most welcomed.
How old should the children be?

From 2  to 18 years of age.

What will they be doing during the photography session? Is there a dress code for the children?

The children will be photographed as sea adventurers. There will be toys and props at the photo session for them. Mintio and Kabul has worked together with a Indonesian fashion designer Myra Juliarti of independent label AkuSiji to produce costumes for the children. These are some of the references of the costumes.

Can we have a family photo taken during the photography session?

Yes, certainly! Mintio, the photographer will be happy to do a quick photo for the whole family at no cost.

Do I need to bring or prepare anything for the sessions?

Everything will be provided at the photography session – costumes, props and light refreshments. You may want to bring your child’s person comb.

I am concern with the privacy of my family, will our full names be displayed at the exhibition?

It will be the choice of your and your family to provide your full names or even nicknames to represent the family at the exhibition. You can provide any first or family name that you deem comfortable to be featured at the exhibition. The artists and exhibition team will respect the choice of names provided for the exhibition.

Gifts in appreciation for your time and participation...

The artists, as a gift, will provide an A4 print of the photograph taken by artist-photographer Mintio with special illustration designs by Kabul of your children or your family, signed by both the artist. The two artists will also write a personal “Thank you” letter to accompany the photograph.



Singapore-born photographer and visual artist. Graduated from NTU, School of Art Design & Media.

Mintio (Samantha Tio)

Visual Artist - Co-founder of Ketemu Project

Indonesia-born visual artist with a foundation in painting. Graduated from the Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta.

Kabul (Budi Agung Kuswara)

Visual Artist - Founder of Ketemu Project