Ketemu Project | Two Women of Seniwati Gallery
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Two Women of Seniwati Gallery

I had a chance to meet Ibu Mary Northmore on 2 December. Ibu Mary is the founder of Seniwati Gallery that began in Ubud in 1991. It was a space devoted to women artists living and working in Bali. It was also where Murni had her first show in 1995. Because of the challenges that women artists faced in getting their works exhibited, Seniwati Gallery did not practice any form of selection process: those who wanted to exhibit could exhibit as it was important for the artists to receive unconditional support in order to develop. The gallery also supported the artists in going for residencies abroad.

When Seniwati Gallery packed up and left Ubud in 2012, Ni Nyoman Sani, who was one of the member-artists, took over the helm, moved the space to Batubulan and renamed it Mother Art Space. Ajeng and I popped in for a chat with Sani, who shared with us the new vision for Mother Art Space, the current challenges for women artists, and the younger generation of women artists to watch out for. We also had a preview of a music album she’s currently recording.

Photographs by Ajeng Anggrahita.