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Iskandar Rose Shirt




with intense with a sweet scent 

that fills the air

Although covered with thorns

roses represent love

like life. 

It has its ups and downs

En’s Love to Iskandar”


This Iskandar’s Rose shirt has the characteristic of the color of Lumajang’s batik. The motif is illustrated by a differently-abled artist, Iskandar, and refined by Dondik Robini and Wulang Sunu who are the Initiators of the Iskandar Collective.

Iskandar Roses shirts are produced with the best and high-quality clothing materials. This shirt is stunning because of its hand-printed pattern with an attractive color combination, as well as the quality of the fabric that is suitable for the tropics.

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This Iskandar’s Roses Shirt is from Iskandar Collective, a social enterprise fashion with the concept of a creative ecosystem that is built on equality. Work with people from different walks of life, including those who are disabled, and highlight local values.

Iskandar Collective is one of the selected social enterprises from Gerakan Kreabilitas, a program from Ketemu Project supported by British Council: Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE).

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