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Kuncir Sathya Viku – Vimana


Kuncir Sathya Viku is a Balinese visual artist who was exposed to various art performances at an early age. Despite non-direct artist inheritance, he was pushed to explore performance arts such as Balinese dance and Gamelan. These have led him to pursue his first degree in Visual Communication Design at Denpasar Institute of Art in 2013 and worked as a Graphic Designer for several years until he decided to make a path of his own. During his exploration, his head and heart were much attracted to the wonder of Balinese sorcery known as ‘rerajahan’ – a combination of symbols and texts – that most Balinese preserve as sacred.



Kuncir Sathya Viku


2022 | Pen and Acrylic on Cotton Paper | 18x26cm

IDR 3.500.000