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jurnal kesehatan mentalstiker emoji
jurnal kesehatan mental
jurnal kesehatan mental
stiker emoji

Mental Health Journal


This Mental Health Journal is a one month journal that could help to make the user mental wellbeing better. We made this journal based on psychology approach, which involved psychiatrist, psychologist, and mental disorder survivor. You can write about your day, you can express your feeling, and you can track your emotion to know your mental condition better. Thank you for loving yourself and caring your mental health!

Every purchase will include free sticker pack.

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This Mental Health Journal is from LORKU, a social enterprise which provide mediums and suggest art and creative activity, to help us to maintain our mental wellbeing.

LORKU is one of the selected social enterprise from Gerakan Kreabilitas, a program from Ketemu Project supported by British Council: Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE).

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