Born 1990 in Tabanan, Bali. Live and work in Bali.

As a young Balinese woman, Citra’s works are highly personal self-reflections of her place in the society she lives in. Here she critiques the consumerist fantasies shaped around an ideal of feminity that are fed to women through mainstream media, social values and cultural pressures by using ceramics characteristic. The competition and fetishism – by presenting women just by the shapes of vulvas – were shown by some being appreciated and weighed balanced while the rest are left to remain at the bottom.

Her work in Merayakan Murni exhibition (please refer to the picture in the right):

Mea Vulva, Maxima Vulva, 2016
180 x 100 x 100 cm
Installation (media: dacin [traditional weighing measurement], ceramics, iron chain, aluminium bowl, mirror)