Curating Collections
Sally Hirst X Mia Tjahjadi

Let us introduce you to the second Curating Collections as part of Art et al. X Ketemu. We have commissioned british artist Sally Hirst from the studio Venture Arts, to collaborate with the Mia Tjahjadi from the GULA collection in Indonesia.


Sally Hirst (b.2001) is a talented illustrator, textile artist, and ceramicist. She is a socially engaged artist with much of her work being inspired by the people around her. Her parents are foster carers and her foster family inspires much of her work. Accessibility is at the heart of everything that Sally creates.

Sally attends Venture Arts in Manchester, which is a supported studio working with learning disabled artists.


Mia Tjahjadi was born and raised in Bali, Indonesia. She is 25 years old and has been involved in the art world for two years with a gallery called GULA. The gallery is showcasing her family’s art collection.

“We are a family of art enthusiasts. We have a diverse collection that we have all contributed to in the span of thirty years. The project started with a desire to share this collection with the world, releasing one series at a time. It then evolved into the idea of designing a space for an art collective that brings creatives together with the goal of introducing unique experiences to the public. With art, there is an opportunity to look deep into other realities. GULA (sugar) stands for Galeri Untuk Lingkungan Artistik, which translates to an opportunity to understand and relate through means of art. Just like sugar, art is ubiquitous, where it brings the sweetness of life; without it we would have no culture or creative becoming. Through GULA, we give you the opportunity to stimulate new ideas about the world.”