Curatorial Mentorship – Lala and Matt

Let us introduce you to the second Curatorial Mentorship as part of Art et al. X Ketemu. We have commissioned Indonesian artist Lala Nurlala, to be mentored by UK Curator Matt Burrows.




I’m Lala Nurlala, who doesn’t know where to come, or where to go. I have lived in the United States and Indonesia, but I don’t truly belong to any of them. Because there’s no culture I can completely identify with, I just watch them as an outside observer. I mainly observe pop culture and Indonesian traditional culture, though I can delve into other cultures as well.

One thing I can attach to is a character from Milo Murphy’s Law named Dr. Zone. With my art practice I often want to ask the question: what happens when a character isn’t regarded as important in the source material, but is then uplifted as the centerpiece in a different field and audience? This is part of why I’m interested in appropriation art. One’s interpretation of a medium can be vastly different from another, and it’s very interesting to see one’s dramatic take on another person’s work.



Matt Burrows is the Curator and Gallery Manager at Exeter Phoenix, a multi-artform contemporary arts venue in Devon, UK that specialises in working with emerging and mid-career artists. He has previously held project management roles at Spacex, Exeter and Victoria Miro Gallery, London, as well as working on a variety of freelance consultancy projects, mentoring and lecturing roles.

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