Curatorial Mentorship – Toyin and Nilu

Let us introduce you to the second Curatorial Mentorship as part of Art et al. X Ketemu. We have commissioned UK artist Toyin Olubamiwo from Artbox London, to be mentored by Indonesian Curator Ignatia Nilu.



Toyin Olubamiwo is a prolific artist who has a very colourful, innovative and experimental style, which manifests itself in many detailed drawings and paintings. Her practice is varied, incorporating many different artistic styles to produce books, paintings, drawings and three-dimensional artworks. These are often created with gel pens, that result in very vibrant and complex compositions.

Toyin is very passionate about art and she continually immerses herself in history of art books and galleries. This energy and enthusiasm for art generates many ideas. Toyin creates stories with characters that become metaphors for the human condition. Many of these are observed from real situations and environments, which are then fictionalised and rendered into a variety of different outcomes.



Ignatia Nilu is a writer, independent Curator and Culture Producer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Through her formal studies in political science, she has worked extensively in arts management and curation of visual arts, media arts and sound art in different formats. She has been active with ARTJOG | International Contemporary Art Festival based in Jogjakarta, since 2015 as curator, and is a founding member of ART BALI since 2018. She is currently working on the Anthropocene Monument complex with other curators, and the Upcycle Indonesia Forum in developing an innovative plastic processing makerspace with an artistic and cultural approach, circular economy and ecological insight.

Nilu also manages various other art projects, such as the Distrik Seni – an art space in the first mall in Indonesia, as well as, preparing for the Affandi celebration exhibition at the Affandi museum. She has a strong concerns towards aspect of inclusivity and humanity, so some of her research projects have focused on researching the feminism movement in Indonesia, and STEM (science technology engineering mathematical) based work for people with children and groups with disability.

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