Curatorial Mentorship



Lala Nurlala X Matt Burrows


This was an amazing opportunity to meet and work with an artist I might    never have met otherwise on a brilliant international project, supported by an amazing team from Art Et Al and Ketemu. As with the best mentoring relationships, it offered the chance to explore new ideas in new ways and to learn, grow and develop from the partnership as much as I hope Lala has.


– Matt Burrows

Let us introduce you to the first Curatorial Mentorship as part of Art et al. X Ketemu. This Curatorial Mentorship pairs an Indonesian disabled artist with a British professional curator as a mentor to produce and contextualise a digital project.


Over the months of May, June and July 2022, British curator Matt Burrows worked with Indonesian artist, Lala Nurlala for the first Curatorial Mentorship part of our Art et al. X Ketemu partnership, funded by the British Council’s International Collaboration Grant.

Lala and Matt met virtually for mentorship sessions discussing the process of selecting artists for a project and forming a theme of ideas. Expanding the scope of professional development the mentorship they developed a multi-media project around the ideas of pop culture and subversion, while also learning about curatorial texts.

The outcome is Lala’s curated project FANDOMINIUM presenting a diverse group of international artists that explore fandom and pop culture through the lens of fan-art, appropriation, subversion, and cross-cultural exchange.