1934 - 2010

As written in many articles, Murni undertook her study in painting with I Dewa Putu Mokoh, who was Mondo’s (her then partner) painting teacher. It was through Mokoh that Murni was inducted into the school of painting we associate with her – the Pengosekan style from Gianyar, Bali. Its main brush is handmade from splintered bamboo, coloured in layers, then black outlines known as ngorten are shaded in to complete the painting.

Murni stated that she first learned how to paint many types of flora and fauna, which are the usual subjects and themes in Pengosekan, although Mokoh himself is not known for painting these subjects and themes. Instead, he was known for the radical manipulation of this style, as he would paint daily life scenes including humoristic and sexual relationships. For example, a scene of a woman relaxing half-naked or a couple in bed together while a peeping tom looks in from outside the window, other metaphorical visuals about sexual relationships, and even someone giving birth.

Murni’s works from around 1992 to 1998 that are in the Yayasan I GAK Murniasih collection looks to have very much fused both Mokoh’s and the traditional visual language, colours and themes.