I Komang Sudiarta a.k.a Loster

09 September 1981 Gianyar
Keliki Workshop

Loster was born in 1981 from the village of Kelusa Payangan in Bali. Surrounded by painters of the traditional “keliki” style, Loster being painting since the age of 10. The “keliki” style is distinct for the delicate details with deep tones on a miniature scale. Loster paints recurringly images of deities like Saraswati and Ganesha from the Balinese Hindhu pantheon.


For thirteen years, Loster lives with paranoid schizophrenia, stabilized by psychiatric medicine. During relapses, he would suffer from disorganized thoughts and speech. The condition affects his day to day life and social circle, but his determination to create his artworks persists. When asked what his childhood nickname “Loster” means, he replied – “It is something that helps air ventilation.”


Painting became a medium of therapy for me because by painting I focus on the painting and at that time I forget about the problem and with my detailed painting style makes me balanced with problems and art. 


“ Even though I am a person with paranoid schizophrenia, I still create. Because by painting I can be balanced in living my life. Every time I finish a work, I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction, because through art I can support my family’s economy. Even though I am underestimated and useless in my community, in every stigma directed at me. Schizofriends Art Movement is a place of inspiration for me to show the art that I live and bridge my work to the wider world, because art does not look at class or degree but the work itself has spoken or told a story.”

Artwork Artist