Iskandar Collective

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Iskandar Collective was established by Dondik, Wulang Sunu and Iskandar in Bali, 2019, through a program by Ketemu Project “Gerakan Kreabilitas”. 

Iskandar Collective is a new creative ecosystem that is built on equality. We work with people from different walks of life, including those who are disabled.

We creatively collaborate to design and develop unique limited edition products that highlight local values.


Pak Iskandar

Profile Pak Iskandar 

Pak Iskandar who is a visual artist created different artworks from paintings to installations. His house, which looks more like a gallery, displayed a lot of installations in every wall made of different waste materials; from damaged sandals, shoes to twigs, stone, plastic bottle caps, etc.

His artist career stopped a few years back when he fell sick, and a stigma that grows in the local community that claims his painting style doesn’t bring joy, looks weird and dark. Though, he still dreamed that one day he could have his solo exhibition again, like what he did in the 1990’s.



Dondik (left) and Wulang (right) both initiate this collective during a Residential Design Thinking Program in Bali. They collaboratively respond to Pak Iskandar’s work and transform them into different fashion items that target the youth and productive age group.

Profile Dondik Robini (left)

Dondik is from Lumajang, East Java. This bright man is one of the graduates of Visual Design Communication at Paramadina University, Jakarta. He actively joins events and/or organizations. He had experience as a Design and Production Specialist, and he also became a facilitator of the Digital Marketing ASEAN Literary Festival held by Yayasan Muara. In 2019, he began to establish a platform called Mawea, to build the creative ecosystem in Lumajang.

Profile Wulang Sunu (right)

Wulang Sunu is an artist who has been living and working in Yogyakarta. He likes to draw since an earlier age. He tried to take a role in every creation and got many lessons about how to do teamwork and make artworks that could “move” the audiences. He is a founder of an organization called Studio Batu, where he and his team create films, animations, video mapping, and exhibitions. On some occasions, they produce merchandise as well