Lorku was established by Khomsin and Vindy in Bali, 2019, through a programme by Ketemu Project “Gerakan Kreabilitas”. They are artists who are actively addressing mental health issues through art and collaboration with mental health communities. 

Lorku provides a series of products and kits to improve mental wellbeing, helping you track and better understand your feelings. The products are specially designed with a psychiatric approach, in which we involved psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health survivors in the process. 

Lorku invites everyone to be more aware and care about their mental health. Lorku also opens for any collaboration opportunities with anyone who has the same values and goals. 

Get in touch with them through their Instagram @lorku.kit

Vindy Profile

Vindy Ariella was born in Jakarta, February 21st 1991. Drawing, painting, and creating digital illustrations are her hobbies. Besides, she is a founder, leader, and an activist for mental health in Bipolar Care Indonesia Foundation. For Vindy, art is a type of therapy for her bipolar disorder. As the time goes, now she realizes that her artworks can be translated into daily products. She continuously explores different sides of the arts and she tries to convey messages about mental health through her artworks.


Khomsin Profile

His artistic experiences have begun since he entered the Institute of Arts Surakarta in 2012, majoring in Visual Design Communication. Back then in university, he created creative activities with the society around his university, such as drawing festivals for elementary school students and open booths in Car Free Day. In 2014, he had a project involving people with disabilities to recycle waste papers into marketable products. Starting from his final assignment in the university, he has been working with mental health clinic “Waluyo Jiwo”. He engages with people who have mental disabilities in Bacem Village to make creative products such as t-shirts and bags. The income from selling those products will be allocated to help the programs in the clinic.