Keluarga, kelahiran 1980, 1982, dan 2006, Gianyar, Bali Tinggal dan berkarya di Bali

Bayak, his wife Kartika and son Damar, are all very active artists with their own expertise and area of interests. Bayak is into creating art that is critical and for social change with different kinds of mediums, Kartika paint or draw on the daily life and labour of women in Bali – can be seen on her chopping boards responses here, a domestic object has become a reflective medium talking about Balinese women – and Damar has a huge interest in mythological creatures in Bali.
In this collaborative painting, they relook at the figure of Rangda – the much-feared widow in Balinese mythology Calon Arang together with her disciples. Rangda might be a demonized widow mythology, but as a deity it is genderless. In the stories, her disciples’ genders are unknown. Damar is the driving force in this as all initiatives come from him with his parents involved in compositing, modeling and colouring.

They presents 2 artworks:

  1. Domestic Aesthetic I & II, 2016
    18 cm diameter
    Acrylic and carving on wood
  2. Reminder of Nir Gender, 2016
    300 x 150 cm
    Acrylic on canvas

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