Nyoman Sudiasa

1974 Buleleng

I Nyoman Sudiasa, also known as Pak Nyoman, was born in Titab Village, Busung Biu, Buleleng on June 8, 1974. He is the youngest of 11 siblings. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in May 2001. His meeting with Dr. Rai in 2015 when he was doing outpatient care at Wangaya General Hospital, bringing Pak Nyoman to a weekly session at Dr. Rai’s house. In October 2015, KPSI Simpul Bali (Indonesia Schizophrenia Community) was formed and he became one of its members.

Pak Nyoman was appointed as the coordinator in a joint audience with the Mayor of Denpasar in August 2016, which eventually gave birth to Rumah Berdaya, a psycho-social rehabilitation place for people with Schizophrenia. In 2017, he was appointed as a contract employee of the Health Service by the Denpasar City Government. Then starting in 2019, Pak Nyoman was listed as a contract employee at the Denpasar Social Service as the coordinator of Rumah Berdaya.

Now Pak Nyoman is actively doing painting after attending Art for Well-being sessions several times, which was held at Rumah Berdaya by Ketemu Project. With Kabul’s (artist and Ketemu Project’s founder) direction and guidance, Pak Nyoman’s work has been exhibited at Cata Odata (2017), Rumah Berdaya (2018), and the Momentary Museum in Tokyo, Japan (2019).
Want to connect and get updates on his or Rumah Berdaya’s recent works? Get in touch through Instagram account @nyomansudiasa_ and @rumahberdaya_kpsibali

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