Tulika Ahuja

Tulika is a curator and writer interested in the intersection of urban art, technology and accessibility. She studied Mass Communication and Art History in 2016. Her curatorial practice reflects on worldbuilding, often drawing on sensorial touch points to activate viewers of art. Practicing from Singapore’s innate competitive environment, she is especially driven by collaboration and cross-disciplinary experiments. Combining art with VR and technology, here she sees her role as a co-producer of artwork.

Since 2016, she has worked with arts and culture practitioners in various programming and mentorship capacities. These include Kult, The MeshMinds Foundation, Singapore International Film Festival, Goethe-Institut, Singapore Art Museum, The Projector and Singapore Writers Festival. Her writing on film is featured in the National Museum Cinematheque Quarterly and Asian Film Archive. Tulika graduated with a degree in Mass Communications and Art History from Nanyang Technological University.

She likes art, enjoys writing about art, and a consumer of pop-culture. Film is one of her biggest inspirations. She is not an artist but her work wouldn’t exist without artists, and so she spent a lot of time on Instagram. She is interested in world-building through exhibitions. Her interest in pursuing curating brought her to Bali (as part of Ketemu’s residency program) for two weeks in June 2019 to research about disability and the arts, an area completely new for her. Tulika is a curator on one of Ketemu Project’s exhibitions, “Now Is A Good Time”.


Tulika Ahuja saat pembukaan acara pameran di Uma Seminyak