Art et al. X Ketemu Project

Art et al. X Ketemu Project is a collaborative digital project between the U.K., Indonesia and Australia, happening across 2022–2023.

In this year’s collaborative project Art et al. X Ketemu Project bringing together participants from the UK-Australia x Indonesia with the aim of developing art practice and increasing understanding of things related to persons with disabilities or disabilities so as to encourage increased inclusiveness in the arts. The art practitioners in this collaboration include artists, freelance curators, and collectors (museums and private institutions) from three countries where they will complement and exchange ideas through the following programs:

  • Peer to Peer Artists

    Collaboration between artists with disabilities and non-disabled who will be encouraged to create a work of art together or individually.

  • Curatorial Collections

    Increase understanding for artists with disabilities about the collection process carried out by Museums or Institutions (fine art collections).

  • Curatorial Mentorship

    Participants (curators and artists with disabilities) will share their respective experiences so that there is an exchange of knowledge about the curatorial process and artistic experiences.

The results of this project are also expected to enrich the Ketemu Project Art and Creative Collaboration Toolkit. We will continue to share our programs on social media and the web, Ketemu Project and Art et al. Learn more about the Program !

Curatorial Mentorship
Matt Burrows X Lala Nurlala
Chris Angell, Vase With Skulls, Acrylic and pen, 59x43cm,Apr22
Peer to Peer
Chris Angell X Budi Agung Kuswara
Curatorial Collections
Butong X The Roberts Institute of Art
Peer to Peer
Karin Josephine X Christian Newby
Curatorial Mentorship
Toyin X Nilu
Curating Collections
Sally Hirst X Mia Tjahjadi
Peer to Peer
Winda Karunia X Mawarini
Peer to Peer
Paul X Mutia Bunga