Supporting communities by providing art materials and simple yet fun art activities at home.

SEJIWA (Art for Wellbeing / “Seni untuk Kesejahteraan Jiwa”) is one of our social programs to facilitate our community friends to be able to be creative at home with the support of materials and art activities for wellbeing.

This project is our response in seeing the impacts of this COVID-19 pandemic to our mental health community friends. Most of them have to reduce their activities outside and stay at home more. This limitation creates great impact to their mental health, makes them triggered or relapses.

From that problem, we prepared art kit that can be a support for our community friends to stay at home and hone their creative abilities, also to practice focusing on positive things through drawing activities.

We hope that we would be able to help many more communities as possible in Indonesia, and everyone is invited to contribute. You can choose the kits on our Shop and buy accordingly to how many people or community you want to support. We will distribute the kits to the beneficiaries and we will send you the proof.

Check our social media for later updates!

What’s inside the kit?
A4 drawing book, activity list, coloring sheets, watercolor pencils, and pencil sharpener.

In this project, we work together with our friends in Lorku, one of the Creative Enterprises who received incubation program in Gerakan Kreabilitas project. They support in providing the list of art for wellbeing activities.
Thanks to Staedtler Denpasar for providing the drawing books as well.

First distribution
For the first batch, we distributed the kits to Schizophrenia community in Denpasar (Rumah Berdaya), Bipolar Care Indonesia in Jakarta, and a Mental Health Clinic Waluyo Jiwo in Blitar, east Java.