Welcome to Bali

For those who want to come to Bali but can’t, this project will bring you the beauty of Bali in a traditional painting made by yourself.

We believe that everyone is creative and you can’t wait to come to Bali, so here it is!

Collaborating with Balinese artists, for the first edition we will launch Keliki Kit. A kit of unique and traditional art making Balinese techniques, that contains tools, a guideline book, and a tutorial video which you can access online!
We will send the kits to your home, so wait for the fun!

Stay tune on our social media for later updates.

In this Keliki Kit, you will get:

  • Yip / a traditional pen made from sago tree
  • Watercolor papers
  • Pencil
  • Chinese ink
  • Palette
  • Watercolor
  • Brush
  • Frame