The Sweethearts of The Earth

A creative intervention project with high school students and local community, where we use art to appreciate the plants.

The Current/s We Call Home

A work which imagines voyage across the sea captained by children from both countries, Indonesia and Singapore.

Celebrating Murni

Artists collaboration project in response to the legacy of late Balinese artist, I GAK Murniasih (Murni).

Lake of Our Imagination

In partnership with BRACK, we discover how art can change the way we look at our environment.

The Wax on Our Fingers

Relational visual art project where we celebrate the lives and hands behind batik.

Gerakan Kreabilitas

A collaborative movement towards inclusive creative economy.

Anonymous Ancestors

Visual from ancient Bali photos with range of year 1925-1930, as how the photographers "see" Bali.