Elizabeth Gan



10-23 June 2015

Elizabeth GAN is a potter and writer. She is currently taking the year to focus on developing her pottery production and technical skills under the mentorship of Setsuro Shibata (JP) and Lim Kim Hui (SG). She will be commencing a research-oriented MA programme in 2016 and aspires to contribute to the discourse of Singapore’s clay culture in the same fashion as what Koyama Fujio has done for Japanese ceramics.

A commonplace material evolving across time and space as various societies use things born of the earth, work them with their hands, clay culture has largely been communitarian in nature. Spanning the breadth from utilitarian goods to art objects, Elizabeth is drawn towards what this material manifested in all its various forms can provide and reveal about ourselves. She believes it can be very humanising when we re-discover these ideals.

Correspondingly, Elizabeth looks forward to learning more about Ketemu’s social practice and the perspectives they have accrued through their work with the communities, culture and landscape of Bali.

Ketemu Aja! with Elizabeth Gan
Elizabeth spoke about shapes, substances and the future of things through an anecdotal account of her personal exploration in clay. Here we also had The Sauce Baked dishing out local street delights with an entrepreneurial twist. Yum!