Freya – Huang Suhuai



10 - 25 January

Huang Suhuai is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in China, and lives in Singapore and Hong Kong. In her art practice, Suhuai always has a deep interest in identity, memory and body politics. She also likes to observe how everyday objects influence (and are influenced by) our living body. These thoughts are reflected in her drawings, mixed media installation, and performance artworks. Suhuai graduated from Lasalle College of The Arts with first-class honors for the bachelor in Fine Arts. In 2020, she received the “International Takifuji Art Award” awarded by the Japan Traffic Culture Association. Besides, Suhuai is also into literature and theater. She has written and translated more than ten theater plays staged in Singapore, including plays for young audiences. Suhuai has also published poems, novels, and articles on different platforms.

During her two-week project for your residency, which involves researching and creating a mixed media work that incorporates textiles, sewing, found materials and stuffed dolls with a water motif. For her the waters of Bali have made a profound impression, whether it be the mountain springs, the ocean, in the fields, or the holy water. Water is intricately linked to the lives and culture of the Balinese people. Water, as a natural gift, has always been a perennial theme for her. .

Furthermore, during her residency in January, during Bali’s rainy season, she immersed herself towards the relation of water in balinese culture, where she visited spring water and had a dialogue with one of the organizations about water protection. Afterwards, she conducted a workshop with the local community on making small dolls, and incorporated the results from the workshop into the work. The result of her residency was closed with the open studio titled “Tirta” where she completed a mixed media textile work that is about 2 to 3 meters long.