Gamaliel W. Budiharga

Art Director & Graphic Designer


6-10 March 2015

Gamaliel W. Budiharga (Boim) is an art director and graphic designer who grew up in Yogyakarta. Some of his work has been rewarded by Pinashtika Award, Piala Maya and also Kompas PSA Award. His interest is in typography, layout and printing. For him, making a simple and honest design is one of his strategy to solve the complexity of everyday problems.

Boim and Senja met and graduated from Magister of Design in Institut Teknologi, Bandung (ITB). Now they spend more of their time in Surabaya, running a graphic design agency called “Kotasis Kamar Desain 3x3x3“. In their design practice, they often collaborate with artists. Most of their work consists of posters, books, catalogs, invitation cards, packaging and logo design. Kotasis have designed for several parties, such as NGO’s, publishers, restaurant/café, artists and art galleries.