Gracia Veronica



12-16 September 2023


Gracia is an Interior Lecturer at one of the universities in Jakarta and also a crafter with a deep knowledge of embroidery techniques and has held several exhibitions and workshops.

During her one week of Residency in Ketemu, Gracia has a mission to hold a two day workshop with Schizofirends  from Rumah Berdaya. They try a new art activity, embroidery. Through this embroidery activity, Schizofriends could freely choose the patterns and colors they wanted to express.

Me GAE Yuk!

This workshop is in one of our programs called Me GAE. Through Me GAE activity, Schizofriends can experience the therapeutic process for their mental health. The results of 2 days of doing this embroidery activity, they created their own embroidery and this artwork could sell it on their platform.