Lia Li An

Video Editor


12 - 26 June 2023

Li An is a freelance video editor based in Taichung, Taiwan. Graduated from the Motion Picture Department of National Taiwan University of Arts. As a video editor, she is motivated and passionate about the storytelling of images. Throughout the variety of projects, each work helped her set up a unique and different point of view and grow professionally by collaborating with different talented film workers and artists.

Besides editing work, she is interested in image literacy education, environmental issues, and gender initiatives which she had held several workshops and lectures in editing, image literacy, and body-positive embodiment. This aspiration brought Li An to experience two weeks of Residency in Ketemu Project, she learned how Ketemu’s social practices and perspective of workshops work between different groups and communities, and the base of Bali culture and landscapes. In her first week, she captured how Bali people build relationships with natural environments, how Balinese conduct environmental and art education and build connections with Bali’s artist community. At the end of her residency, Li An held a workshop about self-development with the community of Schizofriends, through the workshop she invited the community to play with her expression and imagination while she recorded their voices. The result of the workshop and her research she managed to successfully conduct a film screening for the community: “Ketemu Aja ! Film Screeening with Li An”.

Trailer of ‘They Said It’s The Wind Season’

with voice over from the members of Rumah Berdaya.