Matthew Leece

Product Designer Maker
United Kingdom


14 October – 10 November 2019

Matthew Leece studied 3D Design Idea Material Object at Bath School of Art and Design. He currently works designing and making furniture from old aeroplane parts with a small company called Plane Industries, crafting architectural models and souvenirs in plaster with Timothy Richards and working with 5x5x5=Creativity: an arts-based action research organisation which supports children in their exploration and expression of ideas.

Matthew will be in residency at Ketemu Project as part of Gerakan Kreabilitas. He has been selected through an open call by The Arts Development Company in Dorset. As part of his research in Indonesia, Matthew will be meeting the designers and artists who are currently participating in the incubator program and will be collaborating with them to develop their products. Destinations for Matthew’s visit in Indonesia includes – Bali, Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Lumajang.

Get to know Matthew through his conversation with Arts Development Company here.

Ketemu Aja! with Matthew Leece
This is a discussion session where he shared about his experiences at Ketemu Project’s Creative in Residence Program. Touching down back in Bali from his journey across some regions in Indonesia, Matthew has collaborated with creative enterprises with differently-abled artists and creatives to create exciting new products. He also talked about what inclusive design means to him and about how his travels in Indonesia has shaped his design practice.