May 11, 2020 | by admin

We are so pleased Intan chose to work for us as her first job. With a Bachelor Degree in Business Management from one of Indonesia’s prestigious universities, Gadjah Mada University, Intan brought a lot of enthusiasm as our Business Development Associate to Ketemu, including managing the partnerships and collaborations as well.
Intan is an excellent researcher, she is at the forefront of developing materials for our residencies, workshops, exhibitions, toolkits and other project resources. One of her most recent projects is the development of “Working with Disabled Artist toolkit for Indonesian organisations”.
On the weekends (note: she doesn’t often have one of these), she just enjoying her time watching Youtube videos of her favorite artists and goes sightseeing. Especially during summer (her favourite season), she can’t miss to go to the beaches!
Intan’s Big Question: “When will I be able to meet my favorite artists?”