Chapter 2

Creative Collaboration between Creatives Persons & Organisations and People with Disabilities

Inclusive Art Exhibition

Creative collaboration with people with disabilities is not only limited to the production process, but also in exhibiting their works. The location and method of display must be inclusive.

The same with inclusive program in general, but there are additional things that need to be considered in an inclusive art exhibition. How to do it?

Accessible artworks exhibition

  • Add transcripts and translations to artwork that in the form of film or videos that contain talks
  • Hang the work as high as 135 cm from the center of the work
  • Pay attention to the height of the art podium. 80 cm high is recommended, but depends on the height of the work.
  • Add markers around the podium or works for the accessibility of people with visual impairment
  • Provide brief audio descriptions for each work
  • Provide a distance of about 1.3 m between furniture, podiums, works or other objects so that users of mobility aids can move easily and safely

If the catalogue is available online, add alt text to the image, or add a description below the image.

Accessible exhibition location

  • Provides brace for heavy doors so that are always open and easy to pass
  • Provides ramps on each step
  • Provides an area that is not too crowded and some seats inside or outside the gallery
  • Provide training to staff and committees on emergency measures for people with disabilities

Ensure that all gallery staff and committees have received training or at least have decent information about disability

Here are some guidelines of accessible exhibition place:

Space measurement:

Ukuran kebutuhan ruang gerak saat berdiri dengan jangkauan ke samping satu tangan dan dua tangan
Ukuran kebutuhan ruang gerak dengan jangkauan ke samping dua tangan dan diameter manuver bagi pengguna kursi roda

Recommended door handle:

Gambar di kiri adalah pegangan pintu dengan tipe dorong atau tarik, dan gambar di kanan adalah pintu tipe tuas dengan ujung tuas melengkung ke dalam

Ramp measurement:

We need to remember that art is for everyone. Everyone could make and enjoy arts. 

The next article is about our interview with deaf and visually impaired people, talking about their experience visiting an art exhibition.

Also see our directory of disable-led organisations and creative organisations who work with disabled people in Indonesia here.

This article was written originally in Indonesian as a part of Inklusivitas Kolaborasi seni dan Kreatif,  a result of our Project Gerakan Kreabilitas, which is a project funded by British Council’s Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE).

The complete toolkit in Indonesian is available to be downloaded here.



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