Chapter 3

Creative collaboration between disabled creatives and organisations & artists

How to collaborate with other artists or organisations

In the last article we talked about the benefits that you could get (as a disabled artist) if you collaborate with other professional artists or art organization. In this article we will share some how-tos.

As well as collaboration in general, communication is the key.

Here are a few things to do when starting a collaboration with professional organizations / artists:

Start with questions:

  • What is needed from me and what will I get?
  • What will the work be used for? Is it just going to be exhibited or sold as well?
  • Will my work be used for marketing or other needs?
  • What about the timeline?
  • What about the copyright of the work?

Write an agreement

The agreement does not need to be long, as long as it contains details that have been agreed upon. This needs to be done from the beginning so that the collaborative process is clear, there are no misunderstandings and to manage expectations.

Budiarta, seniman dari Yayasan Cahaya Mutiara Ubud, sedang memegang sebuah pin hasil kolaborasi seniman Andre Williams dengan IntoArt, yaitu wirausaha sosial berbasis di Inggris

Do research

Research is needed if you have never collaborated or are not familiar with the organization / artist.

You can do this by looking at the website, social media, or portfolio of their works. That way, you can understand their type of audience and their values through the programs or products.

Don't forget to make time for yourself. When creating the agreement on work time, keep in mind time for relaxation, time for yourself.

If you have no or minimum experience in a professional collaboration art making, in the next article we will share some tips that could ease the collaboration process. 

This article is written originally in Indonesian as a part of Inklusivitas Kolaborasi seni dan Kreatif,  a result of our Project Gerakan Kreabilitas, which is a project funded by British Council’s Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE).

The complete toolkit in Indonesian is available to be downloaded here.


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