Chapter 3

Creative collaboration between disabled creatives and organisations & artists

The benefits of collaboration with professional art organizations or artists

This article is written to our disabled creative friends. Remember, even though you have a disability, no need to feel inferior because you have the same rights as other people to express yourself. Show everyone that you really can and are productive.

In the world of art you are not just spectators. You also have the potential to create artworks.

To become an artist, you need a lot of practice, experimentation, and seeing exhibitions. Not only that, it is also better if you could collaborate with professional organizations or artists.

Pegawai Jenggala Bali sedang membantu salah satu peserta lokakarya Gerakan Kreabilitas dalam membuat karya dari tanah liat

Why do you need to collaborate with professional art organizations or artists?

  • Because they already know the ins and outs of the art world and the process of work. That way, you can exchange ideas with them and get a lot of information such as the art progression today, the media that can actually be used, that can even enrich your imagination.
  • Another benefit of working with professional organizations / artists is that they can help you to develop your carrier in the art world.
  • With a structured program, professional human resources, and the network they have, they can help you to present your ideas and work better, and help to create the economic value of your works.

In the next article we will share about some tips on how to collaborate with professional art organizations or artists. 

This article is written originally in Indonesian as a part of Inklusivitas Kolaborasi seni dan Kreatif,  a result of our Project Gerakan Kreabilitas, which is a project funded by British Council’s Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE).

The complete toolkit in Indonesian is available to be downloaded here.

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