Disability in Indonesia

Accessible Exhibition Tour – Interview with Disability Communities

We talked to our friends in Deaf and visual impairment community about the importance of going to an art exhibition.

An Inclusive Community of Young People – An Interview with Dondik Robini

Dondik Robini, designer and founder of Mawea in Lumajang, talking about his experiences and motivation for working with disabled people.

How to Plan Inclusive Creative Programmes

A quick guide or checklist of things you need to consider in planning inclusive creative programmes.

A Collaboration between Mental Health Hospital and Art – An Interview with Khomsin

Artist, Khomsin speaks about how he collaborate with people with long term mental condition.

How to interact with disabled people

Some things we learnt from speaking to our disabled friends about how to comfortably interact with them.

Why do we need to embrace people with disability?

Many people still think that disabled people are limited by their ‘different’ mental and physical being, the truth is much more complicated than that.